About Us

The public view is very much important factor in India as well as other countries, taking the public review, opinion and feedback are very difficult. Every citizen has the right to express their views about any issue which is related to them by their aspect. It is not only related to political issues, but also on Social cause, commerce, environment, food, technology, entertainment and other related activities. Without the views of the public, a decision cannot be taken in any field.

Concept & Importance

  • Public views are the collective opinion of the people, not concerned with a particular group of people.
  • Freedom of speech and expression is related to public views.
  • Many laws passed based on public opinion and their demands.
  • Political change, social change and reforms happened based on public opinion.
  • Many movies became a huge hit based on public reviews.
  • Feedback from the public helps to improve & enhance the individual, group, business, startup or an organization.

Why PublicViews.in?

Polls, Opinions, Reviews, Feedback, debate and discussion are simply a measurement tool that tells us how the people think and feels about any given topic. Everywhere people creating posts and asking for the suggestion, so we developed a common platform to create and post your views, comments, opinion, reactions on the trending topics across the world. It is an open platform anyone can suggest raising a question on our website by using “Raise a Question” tab.

Digital meetings are getting popular everywhere and the conference, training, webinars, business meeting conducted online through teleconferencing and video conferencing. You can use Publicviews.in to create the event and share with the public and get the feedback about the event.

Every opinion matters, Each View is Important!!

Every voice needs to be heard!!