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‘Sadhana Forest’ is a bustling eco-friendly settlement. The vision of its founders, Yorit and Aviram Rozin, was to transform 70 acres of severely eroded, arid land on the outskirts of Auroville. They believed that nature thrives on a Barter system, where if you do something for nature, nature gives back something equivalent to you in return.

In a spirit of human unity, their aim was to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable living, food security through ecological transformation, wasteland reclamation, and veganism. Their energy and resources are focused on the creation of a vibrant, indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF). Aviram has expanded his mission to two other places, Haiti and Kenya where he has established indigenous forestry as Project Sadhana Forest. Sadhana Forest won third place in the Humanitarian Water and Food Award (WAF) 2010. Through experiences from our past and present, self-moralities that misalign with the universal (ecological) value systems result in the collapse and standstill of entire life systems. Whenever there is a decision to be taken about the self, a thousand questions arise within us. When these questions are about our value systems, there is a fear of self that clings on to us. Now is the time for us to be decidedly ‘self-responsible’ especially given our current global situation. Beyond the worldly common virtual debates and dialogues, it is a dire need of the hour to have a deeply rooted, truthful conversation to get ourselves into the seriousness of responsible action, through our works. Where do we begin? Which path do we follow? How do we seek the hands that will guide and lead us?

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