Q) What is PublicViews.in?

PublicViews.in is an online polling website where people can post their views, comments, opinions on trending topics in India and around the world. It is an open platform anyone can suggest raising a poll on our website.

Q) New to PublicViews.in?

Use your email id and mobile number to login/sign up or you can use your Facebook account for signup

Q) Is it necessary to register on PublicViews.in for posting votes, comments and opinions?

We at PublicViews.in, try our best to provide valuable service in all aspects. We recommend our users to register in our platform to avail the latest notifications, information about new polls and other exclusive details. Registered user voting/ polling will be helpful to analyze the poll metrics.

Q) What should I do if I forgot my password?

Find the "Forget password" option in the login page. On clicking the option, a page will appear asking for your email. After you filled up the form with proper details we will send you a security code, which can be used to login into your account and reset your password.

Q) What should I do if I face a problem with logging in?

Try logging in once again using email and password. If it does not work then try getting the security code using "Forget password" option. If it still does not work then fill up the "Contact form" and we will contact you or get in touch directly using "Contact Us" options.

Q) How do I Vote for the Polls?

After successful login, Select the poll on the categories you like the most or the poll you like the most. Left Side of the Page contains the detailed content about the poll and right side of the page contains the option for the Poll. We recommend you to read the content thoroughly before selecting your best option. If "YES/ NO" or Multiple Choice Poll Please select your best option and the selected button will change into Green color to confirm your poll. If it is a comment/ feedback poll you can write your detailed answer on the comment box.

Q) How Can I Suggest a Poll?

Please visit contact us page and fill your details in the respected column and submit. You can also send your details via mail mentioned in the contact page. You need to submit the supporting image/ documents along with the Poll content. If you feel any difficulty simply fill the form with your name and contact number our team will contact you.

Q) How to Share a Poll?

Below the Poll, click any social media Icon. It will redirect to the social media page and ask for your confirmation to post on the Timeline. You simply click and proceed, the poll is successfully posted on your timeline.