Tamilnadu's Trillion Dollar dream by Suresh Sambandam

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Nativelead is hosting a series of webinars during the COVID-19 lockdown to keep entrepreneurs motivated and to help them learn new aspects and dimensions of creating and sustaining businesses.

On 14th, April 2020 Nalai Namadhe | நாளை நமதே Web Series hosted Mr Suresh Sambandam, Founder of Orangescape, one of India's most valued SaaS companies with its home base in Chennai and spread across 160+ countries. Mr Suresh is not only a well respected entrepreneur in the state, but also a factual analyst and social-economical thought leader who is expanding the dream of "Trillion Dollar Tamil Nadu" among the citizens of Tamil Nadu. His session "சங்கே முழங்கு - தமிழகத்தின் ட்ரில்லியன் டாலர் கனவு" will be a great eye opener for many of you and give you clarity on where we stand now and where we should aim to go.

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