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The Mayans are the ancient Americans. Their Civilization is strong and the people invented many new things. They build many cities and buildings. They have so much of skills to survey the world. They are good in sciences, farms, architecture, sculptures, writing, design, mathematics, astronomy.

Mayan is the ancient people who lived in the between 1800 B.C. to A.D. 250. The Mayans are the Early American people.The Mayan are lived in the Meso-America comprised of present day , Southern mexico, Guatemala, Belize, part of Honduras and El Salvador. The capital of the Mayan Civilization is Tikal. The Mayans worshiped nature gods especially god of sun,rain and corn. With their knowledge, Mayans do lot of things greatly and accurately. The Mayans has a lot of achievement and inventions, we followed it. By 600 A.D.,The Mayans developed their surrounding areas and Make it as Cities. The Mayan established cities in the highland region and lowland region. They also established a school, Library, Hospital, Sports armies, etc.. By 1000 A.D. The Mayans Abandoned most of their cites when the Spanish arrived. The Spanish captured a lot of cities and Mayan Civilization is down. The Remaining Mayans lived in small scattered villages. The Mayans had well in Science, Mathematics, Agriculture, Design, Writing, Architecture and Infrastructure. Unknown Facts About Maya -1 #1 Mathematics The Mayans invented Zero. They have a good skill in Mathematics concept. The Zero means "Nothing" or "Null Value". They integrated into the Calendar. The Mayan has an accurate numerical system. It has only three symbols: 0 - Shell Shape 1 - Dab 5 - Bar With these symbols they show a number from 0 to 19. After 19 , 20 is placed vertically shell and a dab (0 and 1 symbol). The Mayans has used the shorthand to express the array of the numbers like where the numbers is 1,2,3,4,5,6. Their mathematical knowledge is so shocking because it seems to accurate.

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