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What is your Judgement for Pollachi Rapist ?

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In the recent news of mass sexual harassment in Pollachi town of Tamil Nadu, the police have arrested few people in connection with the case. 

Rise up your hands for our sisters

  • The sexual harassment case involves a gang of 20 members, one of the accused allegedly uploaded a video of women molesting on social media which went viral. 
  • The victims were lured from across the state which included college students, young working women, doctors, and senior secondary school students. These women belonged to Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore and many parts of the state. Most of the victims have refused to file official complaints fearing a backlash from society. 
  • Many celebrities and politicians react to the case.
  • We would like to hear from the general public to react to this issue and show your anger towards the rapists.
  • Post your comment, what should be the Judgement for them if you are in the position.


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